Last minute lovelies...

Bunch of new items now available from here - see pics of little boxes below and have a look in the shop to see if there is anything that catches your fancy!

Here are some bits in the making:

Finished objects!

In other very exciting news - a selection of my jewellery is now available to buy from the shop at the Huguenot Museum in Rochester the link being in my Huguenot Girl blog. I haven’t managed to visit the museum yet but am hoping to get there very soon - so do visit and have a look if you are ever near by.

And here are some totally cheering depths-of-winter flowering Iris Stylosa. The clump we have came from my mother’s garden near Charlbury, which came from their house in Oxford, which came from their house in Surrey, which came from their garden in Hammersmith in London (from which they moved to Surrey in 1952?), which came from my father’s parents’ garden outside Winchester….