GREAT COXWELL - Sunday 3rd December

SUNDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2017, 10.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

A date to put in your diaries - it's only a month a way!  This will be Town & Green's only Christmas Fair so come along to the Reading Room in Great Coxwell - scrummy lunches and teas and loads of nice things to look at - plus Christmas Hamper raffle and children's Lucky Dip.


I have already got some gorgeous jewellery to show plus some vintage bits and bobs too.

But do get in touch in the meantime if you have any Christmas commissions  - already a number of things on my list :) - and I am always happy for people to come round to have look at what I have in stock. 





I like to think about giving people "presents" rather than "gifts" - it's a word thing!  - but whatever you call them, and I know not everyone possesses this gene, I have always really enjoyed finding presents for people.

Of course I think all my jewellery and vintage items would make really lovely presents!  But here is an idea for a pretty special gift - perhaps for those who struggle even to see the point of them!  It is a little hallmarked, silver-topped antique, faceted glass pot - which would be enough of a sweet thing all on its own: 

Silver-topped glass rouge / dressing table jar - Hallmarked silver, Birmingham, 1921

Silver-topped glass rouge / dressing table jar - Hallmarked silver, Birmingham, 1921

But, hey! What's that inside?  

How about making it even more gorgeous by wrapping up and popping in a little piece of jewellery as a further surprise?  

Here is how it might be as the lucky person opens their dream gift! - see below:

The little jar would be perfect for keeping your earrings in by your bed at night - or you ear plugs during the day, in my case (oops...sorry...tmi!).  Little glass jar available to buy under Antiques and Vintage.  And I am always up for a chat about any possible presents or commissions.

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